TDI (Turbocharged Direct Injection) - Working - Advantage and Disadvantages


                                                 TDI (TURBOCHARGED DIRECT INJECTION)

TDI is stand for Turbocharged direct ignition, this technology is developed by popular volkswagen group in europe. These TDI (turbocharged direct injection) engines are widely used in all mainstream Volkswagen Group marques of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles made by the company. They are also used as marine engines in Volkswagen Marine and Volkswagen Industrial Motor applications.


TDI engine uses direct injection. It is a method where as high pressure fuel is directly sprayed into the engine main combustion chamber through a fuel injector. With  turbocharger, there is an increased amount of air that can enter into the cylinders. There is also an  inter-cooler that can lower the engine temperature which make it possible to increase the amount of fuel that can be injected and combusted. As a result, TDI engine has more power and greater efficiency. TDI has a low surface area which reduces heat loss during running, thus increasing engine efficiency with minimal combustion noise.


  1. TDI engine are running quite.
  2. They are more efficient
  3. TDI engine are more clean
  4. TDI engine will give more Torque and Power.
  1. Maintenance of TDI is quite high.
  2. TDI engine emit NOx emission.
  3. TDI engine are quite expensive than petrol engine.
  4. The cost of spare parts is also high.
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