which center locking is best Factory Fitted or After market ?????



In new modern era car's fitted with an electronic locking system , which further connected to its alarm system. This will prevent our car for theft. center locking system operate with remote key. the car can be locked or unlocked with the help of remote. car remote are extremely helpful for locking or unlocking the car in parking condition , This remote's are working on the principle of radio waves.

So here we will discussing which center locking are best factory fitted or after market :-

  • Working life of factory fitted center locking is long.
  • factory fitted center locking consist of more feature then after market center locking.
  • Please Note :- If you install center locking from showroom as a accessories part then your warranty will be void because , they used to cut wire to install center locking but they didn't tell  this things to customer.
  • Factory fitting center locking is costly.
  • After market center locking available in market in Rs.2500 onwards. Autocop and Nippon are reputed brands for automobile security systems.
  • After market center locking create lots of issue.
  • Working range of factory fitted center locking system is high as compared to after market locking security system. 
  • factory fitted center locking looking premium then after market center locking.
  • After market center locking is easily hacked.


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